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, including question b, a law that deals with negotiations between the montgomery county police department and the officer's union. they will negotiate all management decisions and that doesn't impact public service. the county executive disagrees. >> they believe that it does have an impact. prior police chiefs have -- objected to the law as well. you have had the democratic committee to vote and 90% in favor of this. and the editorial boards of the "washington post" and gazette unusual looked at this and believe the union's position is wrong and the police chief is right. i supported the law and signed. >> a vote in favor of question b ends the mandate on management decisions going through the union. eals with ex gambling. it's been an expensive fight. the latest disclosure shows companies with a stake in the measure have less than $72 million starting to -- trying to sway your vote. the biggest one, pen national gaming and they want to defeat the expansion, $35.5 million on it. mgm wants to build some in support of the bill. the new quinnipiac university poll found george allen losing g
's the law. so vote for question seven. so we can stop spending all that money here, and keep maryland money in classrooms like mine. >>> the redskins have officially hit the halfway point and off to a 3-5 start for the second time in mike shanahan's three years as head coach. shanahan's is calling this week's return home against north carolina a must win, but it's uncertain whether or not they'll have their starting quarterback. the nfl is still reviewing d'angelo hall's actions in sunday's loss to pittsburgh leading up to his ejection after getting into a tussle with emmanuel sanders which hall called a cheap shot. he turned his frustration towards headlinesman dana mckenzie. with the nfl offices located in new york they were closed yesterday, but a fine or even a suspension is possible. >> d hall plays with his emotion on his sleeve and you love him for it, but you got to be smart at the same time. it's always hard, especially when you're getting your butt whooped and he's getting frustrated. just got to try to thing in che you can. you hate to see a guy get thrown out of a game. ultimate
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2